Scholarly Reading and the Value of Library Resources: A Survey




Who we are:

Through assistance and funding by JISC and the University of Tennessee, we are examining the value academics and research associates place on having access to scholarly information sources, such as journals, books, and other resources.  Six higher education institutions throughout the U.K. are participating in order to collect evidence of the use, outcomes, and value of scholarly readings in supporting teaching and research activities.  

Participants are: Cranfield University, Durham University, Imperial College London, University of Dundee, University of East Anglia, and the University of Manchester.

What we are doing:

Phase I:
January-February 2011
Survey instruments prepared and tested.

Phase II:
March-May 2011
Survey sent to the academics and research associates at the six participating institutions.

Phase III:
June-August 2011
Analyze and report on the findings from the various institutions. 

Phase IV:
September-December 2011
Compare results in the U.K. institutions with results from surveys in the U.S. being conducted as part of the IMLS Lib-Value study. Disseminate results at conferences and in articles.

Survey Instrument:

                To view the questionnaire please click here:  Survey Questionnaire

Presentations of the results:

  • 15 April 2011: Carol Tenopir presented preliminary results on the use of social media tools in academic work at the NFAIS conference on "Information Access and Usage Behavior in Today's Academic World."

  • 8 June 2011: Carol Tenopir attended and presented preliminary findings at the annual SCONUL summer conference at Cardiff.

  • July 2011: Carol Tenopir attended and presented findings relevant to "Social Media and the Academy: Enhancing and Enabling Scholarly Communication" at the 5th annual Bloomsbury Conference in London.
  • August 22-15, 2011: Carol Tenopir attended the "9th Northumbria International Conference on Performance and Measurement in Libraries and Information Services" at the University of York.  Her keynote presentation on Monday the 22nd discussed her "Lib-Value" project and relevant findings from the scholarly reading survey in the U.K.
  • August 26, 2011: Carol Tenopir presented "Researchers and Scholarly Resources--Usage Patterns Now and into the Future" at Information Science and Social Media International Conference (ISSOME) in Turku, Finland, discussing the social media usage and creation findings from the JISC-funded study.
  • January 20, 2012: Carol Tenopir presented with Bruce Kingma, Martha Kyrillidou, and Ken Wise at the ARL ALA pre-conference. Tenopir introduced the findings from the UK reading study in the presentation entitled "Indicators of Value."
  • March 27, 2012: Carol Tenopir attended the UKSG 35th annual conference in Glasgow.  Her presentation is entitled "Values and Outcomes of Scholarly Library Resources."
  • May 22-25, 2012: Rachel Volentine and Liz Whitson attended the QQML 4th International Conference in Limerick, Ireland.  Their presentation is titled, "Portraits of Success: Building Personas from Scholarly Reading Patterns."

Our results:
Final analysis was completed in January 2012, and for a full report, please click here: JISC Report or visit the JISC Collection website for more information: .


For further information please contact:

Rachel Volentine
Research Coordinator
Center of Information and Communication Studies
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996

Carol Tenopir
Principal Investigator
Director of the Center for Information and Communication Studies
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996